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Spring Forward Time Change - 2023 (is this ever going to end?)

Colorado is still participating in Daylight Savings. We will spring forward March 12, 2023. I was under the impression our State Government was trying to eliminate this. After doing some digging, this is what I found.

Colorado State Government is trying to stay permanently on daylight savings time. Federal law will allow you to opt out of day light savings, putting you on standard time year round. Who wants to stay on that time? Our Government is trying to keep us on daylight saving time, and they have passed a bill to do this. Legally, Colorado has to wait for the federal government to allow us to stay on daylight time. Basically.... Don't hold your breath!

A bill called The Sunshine Protection Act is aiming to make daylight savings time permanent! If this bill passes..... March 12 will be the last time we will have to change our clocks! When November comes around later this year we will stay on Daylight Saving time.

Until then, don't forget to change your clocks this March 12, 2023. We loose an hour of sleep, but gain an hour of sunshine at night. My family is ready for this change, how about yours?

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